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All Love/ SKHM

All Love / SKHM therapy is a unique experience, a special, subtle energy, which is at the same time powerful and healing. As Patrick Zeigler, the father of non-traditional Reiki and founder of Seichim/ SKM, says, our Spiritual Heart is at the core of our being and where the soul connects to our Emotional and Physical bodies. All-Love is the experience of the One Heart that connects us to the ‘All’ of creation. It is through the Divine Quickening of All-Love that we come to Love all the aspects of who we are and come into a state of re-union, not just with ourselves, but also with all of creation. With every workshop, the energy works more profoundly and releases emotions and experiences that we have stored in our structures. This energy is not the same with Reiki energy. The way All Love energy works and it is felt is very different. This difference is noted by all Reiki practitioners who participate in an All Love workshop.

All Love energy

All Love – Seichim – Sekhem

Today, Chakana.me team gave me the opportunity to inaugurate a series of articles dedicated to All-Love / Sekhem / Seichim therapy. I will share...