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The Crystal Calling You…


We have seen the harmonious and efficient way in which crystals work in different therapies: Reiki, Karuna, Angel therapy, Chromo therapy, Aroma therapy. We have seen and felt the beneficial effects of crystals when we include them in our daily life: water energizing, Reiki distance healing. That’s why I have decided to share with you what I have learnt in time by working with these wonderful crystals. 

Crystals have always fascinated people in an extraordinary way. We can find them in legends from the ancient times ad are here, to support us, if we learn how to use them. We have seen them giving glow to the most beautiful jewelry and attires, giving pleasure to the eye and triggering imagination. But, from my point of view, the greatest joy that crystals can bring you is their healing gift. It only depends on us to learn to know them and use them as we should in order to heal and make our lives more beautiful.

What are crystals?…

Crystals, also known as precious and semi precious stones are homogeneous, anisotropic bodies (which do not have the same physical properties in all directions) whose particles are arranged in a three-dimensional internal structure in different symmetry systems. Crystals are formed according to the same model of the sacred geometry of the Universe, based on the Golden Number PHI = 1.61803399…

An essential role in the formation of crystals is played by solidification and the conditions in which they have formed. The solidification process starts and develops around a crystallization centre. Atom accumulations are developed around it. The speed at which they pass from the liquid to the solid state determines the development of several crystallization centres, and this is how poly crystals appear. If the passage from the liquid to the solid state is slow, the solidification takes place around only one centre, and the result will be the appearance of a mono-crystal whose dimension will vary depending on the cooling speed. Irrespective of its size, seen with a microscope, a crystal will have exactly the same internal structure.

When classifying the crystals, a crucial role plays its crystalline structure, which means that, although certain crystals have different forms and colours, their crystalline structure is a defining feature, not the content of minerals or the minerals existing in their composition. The internal structure of a crystal is not reflected by its external form. Fascinating, isn’t it?

How can crystals help us?…

The correct use of crystals gives us more energy, healing and protection. Over the next few weeks, we will help you choose the right crystal for you. It can be worn on a necklace, ring, bracelet or on its own, in a little bag, your choice.

Each type of crystal has a characteristic vibration and can amplify a certain type of energy. Crystals store, amplify and transmit the information received. Pay attention, therefore, to the type of energy that you offer to a crystal. Be careful what you sow, because this is what you will reap, but amplified. What are your thoughts now? Are they positive or not?

I believe that using crystals has no limits!

  • Healing and chakras — When you want to have more energy on a certain chakra you can use a crystal of the same colour as that particular chakra. For example, for the throat chakra, you can wear a tanzanite necklace or crystal.  Be careful, the colour of the crystal must be its characteristic one, not an artificial, injected one.
  • Feng Shui — Crystals are used by Feng Shui specialists to improve the quality of a space, irrespective of whether that space is the house you live in or you workplace/office; 
  • House energy — Crystals can also remedy or adjust the energy of a house. 

Did you know that there is a crystal in every radio? They amplify sound waves. Crystals inside the TV amplify light waves. When you are holding a crystal, the waves of your thoughts are amplified. We have got you thinking now, haven’t we? 

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this introductory article about the miraculous world of the crystals. Soon I’ll share with you about The crystals & the astrological signs.


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