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The Chakras

This introductory article talks about chakras in general, starting from their definition, their link to health and continuing by their role and the way...
Kekac dance

Kekac Dance at Uluwatu Temple

The Kecak Dance is an icon of Balinese performing art and locals say is one of the "must see" things once you get to...
Romanian IA

“La Blouse Roumaine” (ie) and the Wedding Day

I was born and raised in Bucharest, yet the stories my dad told me about his family, their life histories and the traditions they...
All Love experience

About All Love Energy with Patrick Zeigler

I’ve attended my first All Love class with Patrick Scott Zeigler more than three years ago… at the right moment for me, some would...
Romanian tapestry

Beyond Threads – Romanian Tapestry at Its Best

Forgetting your own people’s traditions and customs is not an option, at least not from my point of view. Therefore, whenever I get the chance...
Garuda, Kinf of Birds

Garuda’s Protective Power

If you travel to Bali, will see Garuda everywhere ... templates, at the front door entrance of the houses, in the masks hanging on...