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Help Michael A. Heemskerk’s reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube Channel

Michael A. Heemskerk
Michael A. Heemskerk

Dear friends from around the world, let us unite and help Michael A. Heemskerk, an internationally known spiritual healer, All Love – Sekhem teacher, composer and teacher of various other healing modalities.

Some of the most beautiful songs in All Love meditations are written by Michael and he has wonderful videos on YouTube. Patrick Zeigler and Michael A. Heemskerk have been friends for many years and are working together with All Love to help thousands of people connect with Love.

Subscribe to Michael A. Heemskerk’s Youtube Channel now

Michael A. Heemskerk needs 1,000 subscriptions on YouTube, otherwise he will have to remove all videos related to SEKHEM and All Love from the channel. Michael already has 911 signatures on the YouTube channel, so it’s too little to reach 1,000 … And there are so many scattered around the planet! If we join, we can help Michael keep the videos on YouTube and this is my call to you. YouTube has been an important channel in the release of All love. Those who can help us are very, very grateful.

Michael A. Heemskerk’s All Love Music

Michael A. Heemskerk  is a musician and composer of incredible talent!  Michael recorded and produced the SEKHEM SHENU Meditation for CD, on which Patrick Zeigler recorded his voice to guide the SEKHEM SHENU Meditation and Michael composed, arranged and performed the music. In 2008 Patrick and Michael released the new DNA Meditation, again with Patrick on vocal-track to guide the DNA Meditation and with Michael composing, arranging and performing the music. 2012 saw the release of the “All-Love Infinity Trance Dance”.

Michael Heemskerk introduced Patrick Zeigler and ALL-LOVE (SEKHEM) to Europe (the Netherlands) in 1999 Spain 2004) and works to stimulate and help the development and evolution of SEKHEM.


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