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Unicorns – The Master Luminaries Who Reflect Your Soul’s Voice

Love unicorns
Love unicorns - by Mihaela Stănică

Not often we think about elementals, unicorns, dragons, salamanders, undines, fairies, nymphs or gnomes as part of the Divine Creation. Truth is for the mind of the spiritual seeker it is easier to accept that angels and archangels are aspects of God’s Creation that have very specific roles and attributes. Yet, when it comes to other types of celestial beings (aka light beings or light entities), the mind gets, if not very suspicious, at least confused. So, today I shall do my best to bring a little light on unicorns.

One might say that unicorns have been with us since the dawn of civilization. Just think about the numerous myths, legends, and various ancient works of art (tapestries, paintings) and writings that speak of the unicorns’ magic powers. There are so many that they can be the subject of an entirely different article. There’s more or less truth in all these stories, yet one thing is sure. The belief in the unicorn has been shared across many cultures.

Before going further, I have to add one more thing. Awareness is the key, the master key which opens all the doors of life and the main purpose of this article is to introduce in the magical healing energy of the unicorns. To achieve this, I turned to the writings of Diane Cooper, Calista, scholars and other lightworkers who are familiar with the unicorn energy.

The Unicorns and the Divine Creation

Tenderness unicorns
Tenderness unicorns (2019) – crayon drawing by Mihaela Stănică 

Simply put it, unicorns are light beings, part of the Divine Creation, in the same way, angels are. They all belong to the angelic hierarchy, yet unicorns’ roles are different. While angels work through the heart, unicorns work with the soul.

Unicorns experience life in celestial communities of Light. These realms exist in the Andromeda Galaxy and also within Lakuma, an ascended/ etheric star belonging to the constellation of Sirius. Some say it is Lakuma’s realms from where unicorns, just like dolphins, horses or cows descended to Planet Earth.

To Calista, an ascension pioneer and a gifted spiritual teacher, unicorns are strong luminaries who “guide us to never settle for less than we are, for less than we can become, and to always believe in our valued contribution to the world.”

Unicorns carry qualities of love, peace, calm, gentleness, hope, majesty, caring, magic and mystery. And that can not only be seen in their coloured representations across the years but mostly can be felt when connecting with their energy. They can help you by unveiling your soul path, your power and your life purpose.

Moreover, they are considered to carry feminine energy although their male and female energies are perfectly balanced. Diana Cooper, spiritual teacher and writer, also known as the Angel Lady, explains, this is because wisdom, compassion and love are far more powerful than masculine qualities. Just like angels, unicorns can manifest as masculine or feminine consciousness or a blend of both.  

How unicorns help us

Braveheart unicorn
Braveheart unicorn (2019) – crayon drawing by Mihaela Stănică

Unicorns are here to support the divine plan, are here to help us fulfil our life mission. Their help takes various forms; it may be to healing, protection, communication, inspiration, assistance, companionship and even answering questions. These amazing light beings may even have roles as guardian angels or personal guides. One must know that unicorns work in close cooperation with power animals, angels or other elementals.

According to Diana Cooper, they not only bring back hope and joy, but they reconnect people to their spirit.

“Unicorns purify us, for their purpose is to trigger the innocence of the divine self, that essence we had the moment we became a divine spark.”  

As you can expect with such light beings, they will grant your wishes as long as your heart is pure, meaning they are open to working with anyone who is ready to receive with gratitude, joy and integrity. They will always act according to the Creator’s will and respecting the spiritual rules. These celestial beings …

“encourage you to hold on to your aspirations and visions, to stand up for those ambitions that are for the highest good of all. They have the long term growth of your soul, your community and the world in mind.”   

As per their own words, if you have not read yet the channelled message from the Unicorn Kingdom,

“We know that your work is significant and extremely important in this time of the unfolding of the divine plan. We work with you, consciously with some of you, and unconsciously with others during night astral travels. We support your projects even if some of you are not aware of it, yet that is not important for us. What is important for us is to to be in the service of humanity and of the supreme hierarchies. When we are in the service of the Supreme Divine, expressed in any form, we feel overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.”

The power of the unicorn horn

Blue unicorn
Blue unicorn (2019) – crayon drawing by Mihaela Stănică

All unicorns have a single spiralling horn coming from their third eye chakra that is connected with enlightenment, intuitive sight and wisdom. Calista explains that the horn has 12 clockwise rotations and “when placed within your energetic field, it spirals into Infinity to connect you directly to the Source.”

The light of this horn is pure divine energy that can hold, emit and transmute energy like a crystal wand.

“The spiral creates a vortex or powerful outward thrust of energy and is a feminine symbol, which has the ability to unlock and unleash blockages on all levels.” 

This energy is so strong that it can also transmute karma, whether it is personal, family or related country.

“Wherever they direct this light, healing takes place. This is not just physical and emotional healing but also soul healing. They dissolve and heal the deepest, most profound wounds of the soul, which may have plagued you for many lifetimes.

Connecting with the unicorns

Flying unicorns
The flying unicorns (2019) – crayon drawing by Mihaela Stănică

When attuning to unicorn energy, one may receive qualities or virtues such as appreciation, compassion, confidence, faith and grace, innocence and purity, joy, creativity, love, majesty, self-belief and trust, unity and wisdom.  

I know people are used to working with rituals, invocations and algorithms, as ways to connecting with celestial beings. It makes it easier for our mind, but when it comes to unicorns, you do not need them. Unicorns are free spirits benevolently working for the higher good. White, pure and honest thoughts reach unicorns instantly regardless of your frequency or vibration. Therefore, to connect with unicorns all you need is a pure intention. For those who prefer meditation as a way of connecting with the unicorns, you can try Diana Cooper and Calista suggestions available in their published works.

My personal advice to you is to read, feel, filter the information, use your own intuition and experience on your own. 

“Unicorns highlight the importance of staying fluid in your beliefs, of never assuming anything without personal exploration. Truth is not fixed – it evolves as your perspective shifts.” Calista

If there’s one thing that will stay with you after reading this article is to remember that connecting with these amazing celestial beings will help you develop your unicorn qualities – love, gentleness, hope, joy, enthusiasm and magic. Just as with angels, working with unicorns is a transforming experience. It is likely to change your perceptions about every aspect of your life. 

Expressing gratitude …

Pink unicorn (2019) - crayon drawing by Mihaela Stănică
The pink unicorn (2019) – crayon drawing by Mihaela Stănică

Whether you believe unicorns to be just an archetype of greater possibilities or see them as for who they truly are—benevolent and loving light beings serving the Divine creation—is up to you. To them, your choice makes no difference and they will not punish you! Unicorns are here in service to humanity. As Calista says is, “they believe in you and the greatness that lives within you.” They know well their place and role within the Creation. 

Like some of you, I had many spiritual experiences, and some of these were quite (un)expected experiences. As many times in the case of such profound experiences, one can hardly find the perfect words to describe them. I am grateful for having the chance to connect and write about unicorns. And I also feel gratitude for having the privilege to illustrate this article with the inspired and magical drawings of Mihaela Stănică, my dearest artist and friend.

I shall end this article with one of my favourite quotes from Calista’s book. Unicorns, these master luminaries who

“reflect the voice of our soul – that we’re the Creator incarnate, here to take consciousness to untold levels, and in the process, have fun, be free, stand strong and express ourselves without censure. Unicorns can show us our ineffable nature, which can be as soft as a flower or as powerful as a storm, and offer us the keys to unlock our  life from inside out.”





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