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The Unicorn Kingdom – Channeled Message for April

The Unicorn Kingdom
The Unicorn Kingdom - channeled message for April 2019 via Loredana Caradimu

We dedicate April to the energy of the Unicorns that uninterruptedly work in helping us find again the innocence and activate the joy of the child within us, the fantasy, the imagination, the creativity. In other words, they work to allow ourselves to dream, to travel and bring these creations, to turn them into a reality accessible to all others … stories, drawings, pictures, each one of us feels right to recreate, to transform these travels and the connections with these pure entities … of light and Divine Love. The message below sent by the Unicorn Kindon was channelled by our friend Loredana Caradimu. 

Channelled Message for the Month of April

The Unicorn Kingdom

Dear friends from the Earthly Plane,

We respectfully greet you and bow before you.

We know that your work is significant and extremely important in this time of the unfolding of the divine plan. We work with you, consciously with some of you, and unconsciously with others during night astral travels. We support your projects even if some of you are not aware of it, yet that is not important for us. What is important for us is to to be in the service of humanity and of the supreme hierarchies. When we are in the service of the Supreme Divine, expressed in any form, we feel overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

Sometimes we do not realizeand I’m rather referring you, what a feeling of fullness, of filling your being, you experience when you serve a purpose and high purpose.  

I invite you to become more often aware of this type of inner joythat you are in the service of the Higher Consciousness and that whether small or big your help does matter. Whether you work only for the well-being of Planet Earth or also for other dimensions, your personal works are significant. Once again I invite you to become more often aware and cherish yourself as a worker of this Higher Consciousness.

We come to meet you in this month to give you access to new realms that connects you to our energy. By raising your frequency, the Unicorn energy helps you come out of certain less beneficial states for you and your community. Sometimes we come in your dreams and the mere contact with our energy helps you wake up in the morning feeling full of hope and joy, and in the good mood for work. We also have here a contribution.

It is true that there are entities living on Planet Earth with whom we have contracts, understandings or profound friendships. With them, we come and maintain this relationship—as previously mentioned sometimes contractual or out of pure friendship. We come to support them, but we also support you even though you do not belong to this category. We are open to come and work together. To work together for your own benefit, so you can increase your frequency and start manifesting more joy and a childish enthusiasm in everything you do, in carrying out your personal mission. Therefore, call upon us and we shall give you our support.    

We invite youif you feel and wish, to speak about your meetings with the Unicorns. You can share them by writing poems, messages and fantasy stories, or in any other way you feel you can help others by passing on the Unicorn energy.

We are here next to you, our dear friend, and we come to your life. We thank you with gratitude! May the month of April be full of joy, innocence and high odds of creativity!     

We are here with you, dear friend, and come to enrich your life. We, the Unicorn Kingdom, thank you with gratitude! May April be a month of joy, innocence and high odds of creativity!

The Unicorn Kingdom


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