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Discovering the Karmic Constellation

Karmic Constellations
Karmic Constellation method founded by Eva Damian

I discovered the method of Family Constellations in 2007 and I was fascinated not only by the process itself and the profoundness of the healing it brought along. Although my professional background had nothing to do with what I am going to tell you about now, I thought that the moment of a “dramatic”, but extraordinary change had come. I then attended many courses and seminars with famous trainers, such as Bert Hellinger (“the father of the constellation method”), Dr. Alberto Iturbe Lete, Jutta ten Herkel, Dr. Frantz Ruppert, Vivian Broughton or Jan Jacob Stam, and in 2009 I organised my first workshop of Family Constellations. In 2013 I facilitated the first Karmic Constellation to a group of friends who trusted and helped me. This introductory article about Karmic Constellations tells the story of the creation of this method and the way it takes place.

From karmic readings to Karmic Constellations…

It is difficult to quantify the number of Family Constellations I have facilitated so far, but I know for sure that at a certain point I realised that the themes of many constellations were related to the previous lives of those that wanted to solve a problem. Being very nitpicky, I started to read everything I could about karma, previous lives and understanding human psyche. But two authors – Stanislav Grof and Christopher Bache set the basis of what I would later on, symbolically, call Karmic Constellations.  

COEX systems and Stanislav Grof

Stanislav Grof talks about COEX systems (Condensate Experience Systems) or COEX Constellations, as he calls them. A COEX system, Stanislav Grof claims, is formed of memories with emotional burden from different periods of our life, each with a fundamental theme. For example, a particular COEX system may contain all the memories related too the experiences of vilification, degradation, humiliation that have affected self image, self-esteem; another COEX system can be represented by the anxiety lived in shocking situations or states of claustrophobia and suffocation; the emotional rejection and deprivation that affects our capacity to trust in men, women or people in general can form another COEX system; the memories of the situations that endangered our lives, health and bodily integrity can be another COEX system. These COEX systems are principles governing the dynamics of the biographical level of unconsciousness, being psycho-dynamically connected to the experiences lived by the foetus in one of the stages of her birth and having its deepest roots in transpersonal phenomena, including previous life experiences.

Reincanation & Christopher Bache

A second author that I am grateful to is Christopher Bache, who mainly focused on the reincarnation topic. Referring to the COEX systems, he claims that the more superficial layers of such a system have their origin in our current life, and the more profound ones have their origin in previous lives. The two series of experiences are linked in the psyche through their common affective experiences. So when these emotionally-loaded memories come to the surface, they often come at the same time. When problematic memories, that come to surface during therapy, come from a previous life, they behave, essentially, the same way as the memories in our current life. It seems that for the psyche is the same thing if the forces producing conflicts in our life have their roots in our childhood or a previous life. The therapeutic dynamics of the confrontation with memories from a previous life is identical to the confrontation with those in current life; moreover, it proves at the same time that memories from previous life often have a higher therapeutic value than those in our current life. The evidence offered by the therapies that suppose the exploration of previous lives show that the processing of memories unsolved from previous lives seem to heal the most profound wounds of existence.

With such readings that have confirmed the insight of my experience, while working with the Family Constellation method – the link between the theme of a constellation and previous lives, I have asked for help and inspiration in order to integrate in the Constellation method the previous lives theme, in order to heal a problem or unpleasant aspect that someone is facing in their lives now, but whose profound cause has its origins in anther existence.

How does a Karmic Constellation take place…

The Karmic Constellations method explores the cause or, otherwise put, the experience from our previous life that is related to that difficult/unpleasant aspect we are facing in this life and proposed by us as theme for the constellation.

Similarly to Family Constellations, the Karmic Constellations method works through representatives. The seeker is just an observer of his or her own constellation, experiences from a previous life. The client addresses one of the participants the request to represent him or her. If the participant accepts the role, he or she is taken through a regression led by the Facilitator from the present moment to the intra-uterine period, and then to the previous life targeted. In order to respect the Divine Laws, there are other two representatives, one for the Divine Acceptance and another one for the Free Will of the seeker. Depending on the information that comes to the surface, on a case-to-case basis, other representatives are also introduced in order to clarify the karmic cause. These may be members of the family of origin in that life, partners, children, representatives of a concept (e.g. soul, victim, aggressor, etc.), feelings, emotions (e.g. love, fear, etc.) or other persons related to the subject. Once the main aspects of the Karmic Constellation are clarified, the representatives say the healing phrases indicated by the facilitator. They are meant at harmonising the relationships still in conflict, emotions, feelings not expressed and non manifested, assuming the responsibility of the facts, recognising non-recognised children, etc. In essence, the method helps us harmonise what was left unharmonised, unfinished in our previous life, give up oaths (if any) and recover what we have left in that life (e.g. parts of our soul, capacity to love, self esteem, personal power, confidence, assumption capacity, etc.).  

When a Karmic Constellation finishes, the representative is taken back to the starting point, meaning the present moment, and, along the other participants, he is also “taken from the role”.

Karmic Constellations … 9 questions and 9 answers 

Along the years, I have noticed that there is a series of questions that those interested in experimenting such a healing process ask me, so I have decided to indicate the most important of them under the form of questions and answers:

  1. Do I need to prepare in a special way for a Karmic Constellations workshop? A: No
  2. What aspects can we work on during a Karmic Constellation? A: Any aspect related to you.
  3. Can I attend a Karmic Constellation workshop as an observer, without working on any aspect? A: Yes.
  4. Can I work on an individual Karmic Constellation?  A: For the moment, no.
  5. How can I know if the aspect I am planning to work on must be worked on during Family or Karmic Constellations? A: Let yourself be carried away by what you feel you need and make a choice. E.g.: when you want to see the dynamics in the family and get out of the “systemic entanglements” in the family of origin, you will choose a family constellation. For the rest of aspects, you can choose Karmic Constellations.
  6. Can the fact that I am representing another person have “negative effects”? A: At the end of the constellation there is a “ritual” of disconnection from the role, person, field that is not yours. The fact that you are chosen to represent someone is not random. This representation is also beneficial to your own healing.
  7. When can I see the results?  A: We are unique, so our process and rhythm are unique as well. So time is different from one person to another, depending on the rhythm of the inner process.
  8. Why is attendance in both days of the workshop mandatory if I will only be working the first day? A: We are not talking about “mandatory” within the meaning of the word, but rather from the perspective of solidarity and mutual respect.
  9. What is the frequency that Karmic Constellations can be attended? A: After a constellation, an inner healing process is started and this needs time. As said above, every person has their rhythm and you are the only one entitled to perform your own analysis, based on what you feel. It is up to you, but there must be an interval of at least one month between the constellations, either karmic or family.

A brief conclusion…

Karmic Constellations, or better put, the healing experiences that you can live in such a workshop, where the process is holistic, which means that it involves the soul, are difficult to put into words… the most efficient way of feeling their power is attending a Karmic Constellation weekend. I am, therefore inviting you to experiment yourself the “magic” of Karmic Constellations.



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