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Goddess Aphrodite – Your Ideal of Beauty

This exercise will help you contemplate and discover aspects about your ideal of beauty. We often neglect or overlook our own inner beauty, the tenderness of the wholeness of your being.

ideal of beauty

The Message for June 2019 addressed to all readers of Chakana.me comes from Goddess Aphrodite. The time has come to have a closer look at your own ideal of beauty. We gratefully thank once again Loredana Caradimu, the earthly guide of this channelling.

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Channelled message for June 2019

Beautiful soul incarnated on Planet Earth,

I salute you and send you divine sparkles to embellish your aura and enhance the spark within you. I encourage you in June to pay attention to the ideal of beauty that you relate to.

There is, dear friend, within your consciousness, an ideal concept created over time, during your incarnations through your own experiences, and your ancestors also contributed to its shaping.  This ideal can help or hinder you in artistically shaping and bringing to light your own beauty.

This month, put this ideal in front of you, clarify it, draw it, paint it, describe it. I want you to have a clear image and use this ideal as a mirror for yourself. Imagine that when you look in the mirror you see this ideal that you, with everything that you are, have created and believe in. It is an aspiration to beauty to which you have and are contributing every day. This exercise will help you contemplate, discover details, aspects that you are neglecting in your own beauty – physical, moral, inner beauty of your nature, of your plenary being. You will notice from this exercise that there are common areas that your being will bring to light through this mirroring exercise. You can do this several times, in order to allow the time necessary to investigate the profound aspects of your being.

I will then invite you to contemplate one aspect after another and use colour, transform and give life in a painting to every aspect identified within you as an aspect of your beauty, reverberated by the ideal of beauty you reflect yourself in. Talk to your friends, to those around you about these aspects. Let the aspects beam around you and do it confidently, understanding that once you accept, see, understand and start to integrate these aspects of your beauty, they become a reality that will be more and more present in your life and in the life of those around you. This is a process of embellishment of your reality. I encourage you to display your beauty, to let yourself admired, contemplated, to let the energy of beauty surround and shape your reality.

I bow to your beauty, dear friend.


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