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Healing Therapies & Energy

Healing therapies are here to change your life for the better! When you understand and accept that you create the world around you based on your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions, you take the first step on the path of your healing. The energies can be transformed and you do have the ability to do it. Just as well, you can use different types of healing therapies such as Constellations, Reiki, Karuna, All Love/SKHM, Shamanism, acupuncture, and so many that are out there. In addition, you can tap into working with the healing energy of the crystals and plants, or you can ask for the guidance of theAngels and Archangels and Dragons.    

“The Higher Self knows there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, and accepts that both light and dark must exist to maintain the balance of the whole.”

Heidi DuPree

“There’s a stigma on the word ‘therapy.’ People relate it to big problems. That’s something we have to change. Going to therapy can be very healthy. It can change the way you see things and treat others.”

Juan Pablo Galavis

“Give yourself permission to let it hurt but also allow yourself the permission to let it heal.”

Nikki Rowe

“One day, your light will silence the darkness, and you will be surrounded by the beauty within.”

A.D. Posey

“Energy healing is based on the supposition that illness results from disturbances in the body’s energies and energy fields and can be addressed via interventions into those energies and energy fields.”

Jed Diamond

“In order to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life, and fulfil the reason we are each here – our mission and purpose – we must return to our natural state of being, centred in and identified with spirit.”

Heidi DuPree

“Life is energy and, as such, it belongs to all, reaches all, and blesses all.”

Donna Goddard

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