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The Experience of an All Love Workshop

All Love workshop
All Love/ SKHM/ Seichim workshop

In the first article about All-Love (Seichim), I have told you about the energy used in this therapy and how it works. This time, I am going to tell you in somehow more concrete terms what you can experience during an All-Love workshop (Sekhem, Seichim) and what you can heal.

What is an All-Love workshop?

All-Love workshop is a practical and experiential workshop that contributes to the facilitation of a profound experience with the Energy Universe through meditations and specific breathing techniques.

During an All-Love workshop, the soul energy is amplified in order for it to work at its best by eliminating blockages at emotional, mental and even physical level. Also, a deep state of healing and enlightenment awareness are experienced. Why? Because when the energy of the soul is whole, cleaned and energized, it optimizes all healing and functioning processes of the human being. The soul stores all health, love, abundance programs and the gifts/native qualities of the person.

All-Love workshop and soul healing 

If you expect to solve your problems with the help of logic and reasoning, the All-Love (Sekhem, Seichim) workshop is not the right place and space for you.

When you enter the room and until the end of the workshop, I recommend putting your mind in a little box that you leave at the entrance. Don’t you think that you are using enough throughout the day? … at work, at home, with your partner, with your children , planning strategies, looking for stakes and solutions, worrying, projecting in the future or going back to the past?

Here, you come to the All-Love workshop with the rest of your being, with your soul, with your body. You come to find out what a wonderful soul you are. You come to (re)learn to communicate with yourself and to listen to your body.  Remember that contrary to many opinions, your body keeps memories that the mind does not even suspect. Or it may be that your mind believes it had solved them a long time ago.

How All-Love workshop can help you accept your emotions

At an All-Love(Sekhem, Seichim) workshop you come here to (re)learn to feel. To feel and express yourself as you used to when you were a child, when you used to say what hurt you, what made you mad, when you were happy with your whole being, when you cried if you hurt yourself or injustice was done to you.

Remember, weren’t you happy back then? Isn’t it that the most beautiful moments in your life so far were when you allowed yourself to be yourself, to manifest with all your energy? This is what happens in an All-Love (Sekhem, Seichim) group. A space is created for you to manifest, to allow yourself to be you, the weak and helpless, the furious, the vulnerable and powerless, the kind and sincere, the eager for Love. In this space you are not alone. Those that are part of an All-Love group assist you in your process, with their energy and emotions. Just as you did, they have also locked up their mind to certain emotions without being aware. They just resonate with your experiences.

All-Love – facilitator’s assistance for the group

The person supporting you in this process (the All-Love/ Sekhem facilitator) visualizes you in a space of perfection and love, in all your glory, as a spiritual being, and brings this image to your energy space through a resonating process.

As this energy descends in and through you, any emotion that is not in harmony with this love and perfection will come to surface in order to be released. This release can come in many ways – energy flowing through the body, tears, yawning, physical sensations etc. and the facilitator will guide you in order to find your own answers through simple questions that bring along profound awareness throughout the process.

As the process carries on, you will realize that you are in control and you can achieve this healing. It is not something offered to or made for you. You are the healing process.

All-Love group support

In an All-Love/ Sekhem workshop group you will find a shoulder to lean on, a soul that opens up and embraces you, you will find understanding and a lot of support. Do not be surprised if someone comes next to you, holds your hand and cries with you. It is very possible that your emotions trigger in him or her emotions that he or she had locked deep down in their soul.

The awareness of emotions from the past, un-manifested, and their consuming, releases you from a burden that you may even not be aware you are carrying with you. Instead of it, Love settles in and fills your space. You will feel freer, you will breathe better and you will feel alive, present, here and now.

At the end of the meeting, you will discover how healing embraces are, because all participants allowed themselves to open up and feel. You will discover the warmth of their souls and you will feel the unity of being, we are all one.

When attending an All-Love (Sekhem, Seichim) workshop, we manifesting Love and we realize that we are One.

Open invitation to experience All-Love energy …

For over 25 years, All-Love (Sekhem) has been experienced and shared by thousands of people from various cultures, at international level. It is an experience of reconnection with the Source, with All That Is, with the purest essence.

Those of you who had felt before the All-Love energy know. No All Love workshop is the same. Each All-Love workshop is unique in its own way. It is difficult to put into words such profound experiences. That’s why, at the end, I can only invite you to the All-Love workshops. This year you can experience All Love energy with Patrick Zeigler in Bucharest (June, 9-12, 2017). For more details, please contact us at [email protected]




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