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The Arcturian Council — Humans’ Relationship with Earth’s Creatures

Relația cu viețuitoarele planetei
Relația cu viețuitoarele planetei. Mesaj de la Consiliul Arcturian

March 2019 Message for Chakana.me readers comes from the Arcturian Council. This message was channelled on March 4, 2019, by our friend Loredana Caradimu. We thank the Arcturian Council with gratitude for the caring and wise guidance especially given to Chakana readers.  

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The Arcturian Council — humans’ relationship with Earth’s creatures

We have the honour of sending you March 2019 Message. We have chosen a topic of interest for us in our support projects for Planet Earth: the relationship with nature, with Earth’s creatures which enrich this planet.

We wish to help you understand that these creatures, regardless they live in the wilderness or in your company, have an important role in supporting human civilization. And, with all respect, we show you, we believe we need to send you an alarm signal. The beneficial energy of these creatures, as well as of all plant species, is treated with an attitude lacking grace and love. These wonders feed you with codes from civilizations that are your allies, yet you do not see, you do not hear and you are not able to receive what they have to offer you.

The aggressiveness which manifests itself in all forms causes these creatures to fail to transmit you the beneficial energies at optimal levels.
Each one of you urgently revise your attitude and you will receive the benefactions of the frequencies and transmissions of these wonderful creatures and life forms.
We wish you all a responsible spring!
The Arcturian Council


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