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Dragons, between fairytale and reality

Discover the magic of the dragons

Dragons, Sylphs, Salamanders, Gnoms, Ondines, Fairies, Unicorns, Cyclops and so many other fascinating characters of the stories of childhood brought magic in our lives. But then, we knew to rejoice what might have been of the most beautiful childhood gifts – the courage of believing that anything is possible. This gift is something that the constraints of the modern life, fears, the judgment of others made us forget it. This first article about dragons is an open invitation addressed to all those who want to rediscover the universe of the amazing and powerful dragons. To enjoy this reading, you need to be accompanied by your personal life experiences and the knowledge of the self-aware adult. Keep an open mind towards the world of the invisible!

Chakana Team

Dragons  … the unseen part of things

Since immemorial times, all things and events which were deemed inexplicable have been declared magical in nature, and as such, feared and hunted down by most of human kind. It is human nature to fear the unknown and all things outside its control. There were few of those who were more determined by the other two human qualities, fascination and curiosity, than fear and repulsion. And those few have begun the hero’s voyage of exploring the darkness in the world and themselves and the work of transforming it. They were called magicians and alchemists. Nevertheless, both they and the elementals they were studying worked in hiding from the public eye.

Keep your inner child alive

Illustration: Dragon @ Val Young

A couple of years ago a friend of mine asks me to accompany her on a visit to another friend who had a little girl. The two of them were doing therapy on each other, but the girl was out of their range of experience. She had just began attending primary school and she was still talking about fairies, dragons and unicorns as if they were her real friends which she could see and play with. As my friend saw me doing almost the same despite being over 30 years old, she thought the two of us shall find a common ground for communication. And she was not wrong in thinking that. As soon as I arrived, I was sent straight into her room. It is hard to lie to a child, it is much easier to manipulate with the truth, but is those tactics never worked on me, I do not employ either of them when dealing with children or adults for that matter. I treat children as equals, and not because I see in them the spirits they actually are, high and big in those small bodies, but because I still have active in me my inner child, and as one of my dominant personalities.

Anything that you can imagine, exists

Therefore, without other preliminaries, as the kid was obviously guarded against me, I told her straight on that I came to talk with her about dragons, as she sees them and I have been working with them since always. Her answer was sharp: “Dragons do not exists. They are not REAL.”  That was my test. I have chosen my words carefully, and I reproduce them here so they have the same effect over you, my reader, as it had on her, gaining her trust: “If you see them and I know they are there because I can feel them, and on rare opportunities I can see them with my eyes closed, then they definitely exist. Sure, they do not have the same form as me and you, or as any other object here that we can see or touch, still that does not make them less real. If they can be seen and touched, and they are also able to influence our physical world, then they are definitely real.

Before time even exist, dragons existed

There was a time when our perception of time and the world around us was different from the current one. In that time human and elemental beings and angels and demons walked the earth together, as the veil between the worlds – dimensions was thin. These dimensions were and still are as onion layers, covering one another. Humans’ fears and judgement closed the gates and the elementals withdrawn as far away as possible from the borderline. Their dimension, called by Vlad T. Popescu “the adjacent irreality”, can be perceived through beady eyes here and there. Only if your mind is calm and lacking judgement and your heart open and full of battering. I see it as a refuge where you may step in unaware whilst falling into a contemplation of the reality that you actually see, and when, out of the blue, you see something else, something more: maybe a shadow, a shape, a movement.

Dragons – clues are everywhere …

I have seen again recently an episode of Stargate SG1, in which an ancient artifact brought from another world, emitting on a specific frequency and releasing a certain magnetic charge, made people see some freaky animals. In the show they reach the conclusion that those animals were always there, and only now they were able to see them as they were being called by that artifact. There was little actual interaction in the show between the inhabitants of the two dimensions, and that was for the best as they have tried to shoot them on first sight (obvious human reaction as I said before). There was the psychological impact, of course. Besides all the similarities, this non-interference is not one of them, the adjacent reality where the elementals inhabit, and therefore the dragons, is quite influential over our reality, and our reality infringe on theirs.

With higher power, higher responsibility

There is a lot of interaction between the two, as they act over matter, and our thoughts and intentions influence their actions. So, let’s pay attention to inattention! Dragons bring along personal power, and higher power means higher responsibility. The dragons belong the divine feminine principle, a principle is unwise to offend, or even worse yet, saddened. A dragon represents a divine potential manifested directly, who completely lacks the “judgement” of things. The aspects he reveals in the light or hides in the dark are not judged from the perspective of good and evil, they are only themes to be experimented and studied. They have been feared and still are because a divine potential awaken seems unstoppable and impossible to control, and if such awakening is accompanied by a lack of knowledge and practical experience, the fear of unknown shall bring further unbalancing.

Experience brings knowledge

The practical experience of the world is obtained by living and learning from an experience. Maybe, as a child, a lightening followed by a thunder will frighten you, hearing such succession several times without anything else happening to you, and finding also the science facts behind the phenomena you will eventually become familiar enough to raise only a faint shiver, it might even began to grow on you, to make you await impatiently the storm in her full beauty of manifestation, as it expresses your own fury unchallenged for many lifetimes.

Why me?

When a self-appointed expert regarding a theme starts to preach to the world over that subject, starts by introducing his/hers credentials: where, who, what, and how well he/she has learnt the subject in question. I fail in that regard, I can specify no teacher or schooling over this topic, my main school was my experience in the matter. I did have someone who pointed me in the right direction, to whom I owe my conscious awareness, Ovidiu Dragos Argesanu. I went to his dragons’ courses, and they were, as all his classes, full of information and tools and methods of working with them. Whilst practicing for the class, I have used them as such. That is another story which shall be told elsewhere. But I have to admit that my way of working and perceiving them is somewhat different and focused on other area. As he always said, he just sets the ground work for us to explore further, and I don’t believe he minds it. He is first a warrior and a scientist and then a healer, I am first and foremost a magician and a philosopher, then a shaman and a peacemaker.

Dragons – the best way to learn is by playing

There are some books and tools that I shall mention in the bibliography, nevertheless, they were there for that “Aha” moments, for bringing forward awareness of things. I am a self-taught person in many ways, but particularly in spiritual matters. By the age of 11 I was already in the process of establishing my own collection of divination cards cut-off from the “Paranormal” magazine, glued to thick paper, and used them to play card divination games instead of dolls or hopscotch games, and wrote incantations as poetry. By high school I had already collected over a dozen and I was regularly doing readings for my classmates and friends. And I had a “good” hand at it.

I have different sets of cards now, just as many and distinct ones, though the same widespread coverage as then, only different details and interpretation. Willingly so, as my experience grew, so did my wisdom and understanding of traps.


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