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Dragons – The Art of Divination


First of all, what does divination mean? The term divination comes from the verb “devinare”: guess, foretell, foresee, prophesize. There is still another meaning, the one of “understanding”. If guessing and foretelling traditionally lack a positive impact, the other two terms foresee and prophesize involves a divine grace, a descent of the Holy Spirit. It has however “divine” roots. Practically, you divine the Divine will of God. Divination is guessing (and understanding) the hidden things, an act of evoking the hidden truth.

Divination – to know or not to know the future

A lot of people believes that divination involves divining the future. Those calling upon divination for that purpose, even within the perspective of finding God’s will for them, are choosing the wrong path. Even the will of God may be changed. 

If, on the contrary, you want to understand where you stand and the steps and actions that brought you there and what else needs to be undertaken in order to exact a change for the better, or which paths lay before you to choose from, then your thinking is the correct one. Finding what the future holds mixes up the lines of destiny, as it excludes so many of them out of the equation. It is more useful and priceless to establish your correct stand in the present moment and to become aware of the true and objective perspective over what the past may hold.

Using tarot cards or not

The tarot is working with the archetypes of this world. They represent extremely powerful energies as the egregors underlying them were fed upon the energy and information of many users, centuries, if not millennia.  Traditionally speaking, the tarot is dedicated to future reading, therefore it opens the lower dimensions, where the most accurate information concerning near future is available for a price. More accurate the future, higher demons the diviner and the questioner need to face and withstand. Beware of knowing the future, it closes down all other paths.

Divination – why art and not science?

Divination - dragon cards
Illustration: Dragon @ Val Young

It might as well be called a science… If results could be repeated, and as easy to demonstrate as a theorem. Even if life in general may be reduced to some basic concepts, which are repeated over time and thus the tarot cards have appeared – as representations of human archetypes, each display on the table is distinct from another, thus the large number of tarot sets and forms of displays, and the lack of precision concerning their interpretation.

This is where the art begins to show its perks, no matter how much you try to explain the significance of a card, no matter how organized and wholesome a display system is, what really matters are three elements: intention, the depth of connection and the ability to interpret them – and these depend on how well you are familiarized with the universe you lay your questions about.


If your intention is to clarify an issue, to reveal all its hidden aspects, then you should protect yourself, as the gates shall open in all directions, some of which may knock you down soundly. Lighting a candle for your guardian angel helps, likewise an incentive stick, or sage and frankincense, also the chrismation, wearing a protection talisman, or calling forward your totem animal.

And there is also the intention: what do I need to know now? Which type of energy I shall commit myself to use in my work today and here? Which aspect of mine shall come forward for me to understand? What new aspect of the universe and myself I want or need to become aware of? It is a statement in front of the Universe that you are ready to step on the way. Now all protection becomes useless, the jump into unknown starts an adventure, a journey of self-discovery, in which you are the main hero.

The depth of connection

The artist is the one opening the gate to other universes. Higher the level of details, more attractive the world it shows, and more deep the desire. To discover it. What matters is the level of access and artist’s vision of things, and also the openness of the subject. There are artists connected to the Creator of Creators, but beyond that, it is more significant for them to open the cell which has written inside the DNA of your spirit and soul. Their constructions shall pacify your Self and make your Soul dance.


The drawn card represents only a gateway: behind it a path is drew on a map. The map is not the way.  Each person has a labyrinth posing as a map, whose key is hidden inside him/her-self. The talent of the interpreter relies in finding and identify that key. The key may be a symbol, a color, a number, etc. Once the end of the Ariadne’s thread is found, the path crossing the labyrinth becomes easy, the only thing to pay attention to is the Minotaur – that test to pass.

Many types of cards…

There are many types of tarot that I shall not mention here, as it is outside my scope. There are many sets out there which are based on tarot (dragons’ also), so be careful about them. There are divination cards relating to nature spirits, power animals, angels, numbers, colors, geometric figures, archetypes, the list is endless. There are other divination methods such as those employing runes, tea leaves, coffee grind, I-ching (hexagrams), beans, regular cards, and so on and so forth. I shall discuss only the 3 types which are relevant here: those involving angels, those relating to power animals and those concerning dragons.

Angel cards

It is said that when you speak to God, it is called prayer, when God speaks to you it is called schizophrenia. Angels are God’s messengers, the main middlemen (ouch-middle angels?). Only that their scope is sort of a limited one: if, when, how, and in what conditions the free will is involved and fringed upon. Revealing your future, as I mentioned before, restrains your free will in an unsuspected manner, as it blinds you to other paths that you may choose. Their messages will always be positive ones. That shall not preclude the possibility to be soundly rapped when it is called for, me being one of those people able to step even on the toes of angels.

Power animal cards

Here we are down to earth already. I shall present you a less orthodox point of view: the world is a jungle, and we, the people, are actually a sort of animals in need of education. How do you discover the animal(s) hidden inside you? Maybe you are a cunning fox, a wise owl, or an imposing bear interested only by the honey of life, or even a scary wolf protecting his pack. The American indigene tribes sent their adolescents in the woods to encounter their totem animal, in order to study it and to learn from it. That animal and the circumstances of that encounter would give the adolescent the name in front of his/her tribe. In modern times, the modern man no longer practices that, which would be something difficult to do anyway. That raises the issue of how shall we identify our interior power, and how do we become perfectly aware of it in order to be able to use it accordingly, with all its positive and negative aspects, we need help in identifying when and how we may use it.

Dragon cards

Dragons belong also to the world of archetypes – that of the elements: fire, water, air, earth, metal, ether, plasma. You might perceive them with wings, or not – as a matter of fact the cosmic dragon has not – it is serpent like. As archetypes of power they followed that path of deepening into details and coming back to concept size. The difference here is that they are universal, to be found also elsewhere and not only on earth. If the angels offer unconditional love and full support in light, and the power animals need plenty of work to integrate, the dragons are the next level of challenge: you must earn their help and respect. They will test you, and I must warn you they love to confuse you. Some dragons are originated from those angels who failed to follow the rules, who wished to learn new things, to accumulate their own power and knowledge. Others were born dragons, as the Universe’s thirst of knowledge is their own.


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