Crystals, gemstones, precious stones – regardless of how you may call the, they all are amazing healing gifts Mother Earth had given us. Crystals are here to help us heal faster, get more energy when we need it, and protect us. More than that, when you start learning about crystals you’ll realize that there are many correlations between them and the angelic world, astrology, plants, essential oils, Feng-Shui etc.

Taking Care of Your Crystal

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Crystal cleaning and charging is a routine once you decide to start working with these amazing creations of the universe. Some say that crystals choose their owners, so if you [...]

The Crystal Calling You…

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We have seen the harmonious and efficient way in which crystals work in different therapies: Reiki, Karuna, Angel therapy, Chromo therapy, Aroma therapy. We have seen and felt the beneficial [...]