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Taking Care of Your Crystal

Crystal cleaning and charging
Crystal cleaning, charging and storage

Crystal cleaning and charging is a routine once you decide to start working with these amazing creations of the universe. Some say that crystals choose their owners, so if you do not know which one is suited for you (depending on your sign, needs, goals), choose with your heart. Trust your feelings and you will not fail! The crystal is alive and can change its color in time. This does not mean that “it goes bad”, it means that it is alive. Treat it with respect and love. Even if you do not know anything else, it does not matter.

As I was saying in my previous article, The Crystal Calling youthe correct use of crystals gives us more energy, healing and protection. Each type of crystal has a characteristic vibration and can amplify a certain type of energy.Crystals store, amplify and transmit the information received. Crystals also have a direct correlation with your chakra system. Consequently, you must be well aware what proper crystal cleaning, charging and storage mean. 

Crystal cleaning

Crystals capture, store and transmit information. That’s why, we considered that it is useful to reveal some practical advice for cleaning, charging and keeping crystals.

When it comes to crystal cleaning, it is important to clean the crystal as soon as you buy or receive it. Due to chemical impurities, radiation, the manner in which it was extracted, processed, transported, it has “collected” different vibrations. Cleaning it means washing it with lukewarm water and liquid soap and either patting it dry it with a soft cloth (do not wipe it as you would do with another object, pat it dry) or letting it dry by itself. Your choice. 

In order to clean the crystal, you can also “bury it” in sea salt, but salt can affect certain crystals (azurite, selenite), so the option of the lukewarm water and soap is safer. Crystals must be cleaned periodically, especially after periods of stress, illness, low energy level, busy periods. It is necessary to clean them in order to “reprogram” them with your own energy. Think about a house in which many people have lived or which was visited by many people throughout the years. When that space becomes yours, you must clean it before personalizing it. The same principle applies to crystals.

Keep in mind that there are crystals that cannot be cleaned with water. This is the case with the Rose Desert crystal. Rose Desert is a formation of crystal cluster of gypsum or baryte which include abundant sand grains, so under water it will be damaged.

Crystal charging 

Your crystal can be charge in the sunlight, but not an intense sunlight, because its color might be affected (be careful in case of amethysts, pink quartz, moon stone).

A more practical way is to charge it is in moonlight, especially in days of Full Moon. Before wearing it, you may want to say a prayer, thanking it for having chosen to come to you. The prayer said with the new crystal in hand will also give a spiritual charge.  

Another extremely effective way of crystal charging and imprinting it with specific information is through Reiki energy.

Crystal touching

Do not let people around you touch the crystal or jewelry with crystals. As indicated, crystals capture and store information. If it was touched despite everything, do not panic! You can wash it with warm water. If you decide (under the guidance of a Feng Shui specialist) to keep different crystals at home or at the office, try to place them in a place in which they cannot be touched by people ‘passing by’ (for example in a display cabinet).

If you start feeling unwell when you are wearing a certain crystal, stop wearing it for a while. No matter how much you like it, it is not OK if you do not feel well wearing it. If the sensation of discomfort repeats when you wear it, give it up with love. You can give it to someone, but teach the person receiving it how to clean it. It is not normal to also offer them your emotional ballast. The whole cleaning process must be carried out by the person receiving the crystal, not you, because this way, their energetic imprint will be impregnated.

Crystal storage 

Crystal storage is also an important part of your routine. If you wear your crystal, protect it in a velvet or cotton pouch. Personally, the option of velvet pouches that jewelry is sold in seems a good one. If you go to see a spring, take your crystal with you. They like being bathed in running water.  It’s important to avoid keeping all the crystals in your bedroom because you will be agitated in your sleep. Several crystals in the same space vitalize and intensify energy. If you want to experiment, do this during your holidays, in order to be able to recover after a sleepless night. 🙂

Broken or cracked crystals can be buried at the root of a tree, plant or in a flower box. You can thank the crystal for being useful to you, but you must now return it to the natural cycle. Do not forget: treat it with respect and love!

If you forget certain information, do not panic! As long as you treat a crystal with respect and love, it cannot harm you. Apart from periodical cleaning, charging it in sun or moon light is enough.

Instead of a conclusion…

I hope that these first facts about the miraculous world of the crystals are useful to you. Soon we will talk about Crystals and zodiacal signs.  


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