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Ana Maria, Chakana.me's Founder & Editor-in-Chief, or Anda as most people call her, is one of the most experienced digital business transformation consultants in Romania, yet for many years she paid attention to her own personal transformation by engaging with various alternative therapies and healing practices. Now she writes about these therapies, the Romanian IA she so much loves, symbolism and different cultural topics.

La Blouse Roumaine and Henri Matisse

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Henri Matisse and his La Blouse Roumaine painting are the subject of this new article dedicated to the beauty of the Romanian traditional blouse. When I wrote the first article about [...]

Help Michael A. Heemskerk’s reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube Channel

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Dear friends from around the world, let us unite and help Michael A. Heemskerk, an internationally known spiritual healer, All Love - Sekhem teacher, composer and teacher of various other [...]

Romanian traditions on Saint Andrew’s Day

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This article is currently being updated. Thank you for your patience and understanding! In the meantime, you can check out some our the below suggested readings or Chakana's Romanian version. Symbols [...]

The Almighty Healing Garlic

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The healing garlic is not a myth! One of the oldest cultivated plants on Earth, garlic has been regarded for thousands of years and much appreciated for its medicinal properties [...]

The Magical Garlic

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Called everything from ''stinking rose'', "rustic cure-all", "Russian penicillin", "Bronx vanilla" to "Italian perfume", garlic has been loved and despised throughout history for its taste and other mysterious properties. Garlic's [...]

The Amazing Interwar Romanian IAs

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This story is about the amazing interwar Romanian IA or what some would simply call "ia",  the Romanian traditional blouse. I had the chance to work with curator Iulia Gorneanu [...]

Kekac Dance at Uluwatu Temple

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The Kecak Dance is an icon of Balinese performing art and locals say is one of the "must see" things once you get to Bali. “Cak! Cak! Cak cak cakcakcakcakcakcakcak…,” when [...]

“La Blouse Roumaine” (ie) and the Wedding Day

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I was born and raised in Bucharest, yet the stories my dad told me about his family, their life histories and the traditions they treasured kept calling me… so, from [...]

About All Love Energy with Patrick Zeigler

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I’ve attended my first All Love class with Patrick Scott Zeigler more than three years ago… at the right moment for me, some would say, although I knew about him [...]