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All Love – Seichim – Sekhem

All Love energy
All Love energy

Today, Chakana.me team gave me the opportunity to inaugurate a series of articles dedicated to All-Love / Sekhem / Seichim therapy. I will share with you what All Love means and how it can help you, either if you have the experience of working with yourself or if you are at the beginning of your path.

All Love / Sekhem & the emotions not fully lived …

Emotions not fully lived generate energy blockages that prevent us from living our lives in harmony with our own soul, the people, the nature and the whole Universe. In our daily lives we go through a series of emotions and experiences, the cause of which we can sometimes identify, sometimes not. All this is pushing us to look for answers.

You have probably experimented already various forms of healing with the help of ancient rituals, meditations or techniques, such as Family constellations, Holotropic Breathwork, Awakening of the Illuminated Heart, Reiki and many others. You have gone through healing processes, you have lived those experiences fully and you have felt things or states that you cannot easily put into words. As someone very well said, we are “doomed to words”.

Emotions, of either nature – positive and negative or good and bad (as we are normally classifying them), deserve to be fully lived.  In order to make myself clear, I will use a metaphor. Imagine a rainbow. In order to be able to show to people all its splendor, the whole seven-color spectrum is needed, which is generically named ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). The same way, you, as an embodied being, in order to step more easily on the path of your spiritual evolution, you need to fully live the whole range of emotions – joy, happiness, calmness, tranquillity, trust, worry, compassion, sadness, displeasure, angst, fear, uncertainty, fury, anger, shame, pain etc.

Positive emotions and negative emotions

In reality, we do not speak about positive and negative emotions, but about emotions with different vibration. When “good” or “positive” emotions are lived consciously, they amplify and with them, your state of wellness, calmness, peace, joy.

It is easy and pleasant to live “positive emotions”, but we cannot say the same about the “negative” ones. We are not very used to facing these emotions with lucidity. Social customs and norms prevent us from living them fully. How many times have you heard conversations in which the 5-year-old boy that has just fallen down is told: “It is not nice to cry, you are a man! Men do not cry”. Repeated, such an affirmations inoculate in the child the idea that expressing pain is wrong. And that’s why, as an adult later on, he will only cry if he has a physical ailment, he will not cry if his love is unrequited etc. Now allowing himself to fully live emotions, he will accumulate frustrations and anxieties that will damage his relationship with himself and the others.

If you manage to be aware, to profoundly come into contact with these unpleasant emotions, you become one with them, you allow them to invade your whole being, then the healing or their turning into what we call “positive emotion” happens.  John Wellwood excellently expressed this correct living of the emotions:

“(…) if we let the difficulties in our intimacy to reach us, they will show us what we need to work on in order to enter a more profound relationship with ourselves and the others. When we allow ourselves to feel the raw situation that difficulties bring to surface, we start coming into contact with more powerful energies – our capacities to be present in everything that happens and find a modality to work with what is happening.  This way, whatever seems impossible to solve in a relationship, any problem, question or confusion we have – if we see it, feel it, go towards it and use it, it is our path.”

What is All Love (Seichim, Sekhem)  …

All Love is a healing and spiritual evolution path, discovered and subsequently refined by Patrick Zeigler, a famous American therapist with over 30 years experience in holistic therapies. Zeigler is the founder of the SEICHIM (SKHM) system and is mentioned as being the person that all what we call non-traditional Reiki starts from.

All Love works to open the Spiritual Heart located in the thymus area. This is not the same as the Heart Chakra (4th Chakra/Anahata), located in the centre of the chest, next to the heart, and connected to all sides of love and corresponding to the feelings of joy, respect and renunciation. Through this chakra comes our spiritual guidance and a higher consciousness.

The opening of the Spiritual Heart makes the other energy centers (chakras) to align vertically, helping the activation of Illumination; Kundalini can thus rise up to the Crown Chakra (7th Chakra/Sahasrara) to unite with its Superior Self. Our Spiritual Hear connects us with the whole creation, with the Universe. These healing connections can be achieved through All Love meditations.

The ultimate goal is illumination, a term that means to be in total harmony with the Universe, chakra alignment, union with our Superior Self, merger of our male and female aspects, all this, in order to manifest our divine gifts in our daily lives.

An All Love workshop may comprise: Shenu meditation, Infinity dance meditation, healing of emotional blockages from the past and future, healing breath, illumination-activating meditation, DNA meditation. In practice, the moments of an All-Love workshop are given by the needs of the group, so each session can be very different.

Discover All Love / Sekhem / Seichim …

All Love / Seichim / Sekhem is a unique experience, a special, subtle energy, which is at the same time powerful and healing. With every workshop, the energy works more profoundly and releases emotions and experiences that we have stored in our structures. For those who would like to find out more about All Love / Seikim / Sekhem, please check out the following articles published on Chakana:


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