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All Love Meditation

All Love meditation
All Love meditation

This All Love Meditation is for all those who experienced All Love energy. Once you have participated in an All Love workshop you received the initiation and have access to this energy for the rest of your life. You can access it any time, because it circulates throughout your body. It only takes a couple of breathing exercises and “pulse-taking” to activate it. As simple as that. Allow yourself to experience the All Love energy in the comfort of your own home any time you want to.

All Love meditation – before you begin

May I remind you that All Love is a healing and spiritual evolution path that works to open the Spiritual Heart located in the thymus area. The opening of the Spiritual Heart makes the other energy centers (chakras) to align vertically, helping the activation of Illumination. Kundalini can thus rise up to the Crown Chakra (7th Chakra/Sahasrara) to unite with its Superior Self. Our Spiritual Heart connects us with the whole creation, with the Universe. These healing connections can be achieved through All Love meditations.

  • Who can meditate – anyone who has participated in at least one All Love working group;
  • Necessary time – approx. 30 minutes;
  • Where to meditate – find a calm place, in which you feel safe and you are not disturbed. It is preferable to sit up straight, relaxed and both feet on the floor;
  • Using music – You can listen to music reproducing sounds from nature or favors relaxation and meditation. Here is a song I recommend to experience this meditation …

All Love meditation – step by step

Step 1 – Breathing

Close your eyes. Focus on breathing, on how the air gets in and out of the body. Begin with three deep, abdominal breaths. You are perfectly aware of the sounds surrounding you, in the environment. Every time you inhale, you focus more on your inner world, perceiving all the sensations of your body.

Step 2 – Tension points in your body

Focus on what happens inside you when you inhale and what happens when you exhale. Scans your whole body, from the top of your head to your soles. You may identify tension in some parts of your body. This tension may be perceived as sensations of discomfort, pressure, heaviness. All you need to do is focus on them, in turn, continuing to breathe. When you exhale, you eliminate from your body this tension (you can view it as a grey cloud) so that every time you breathe out, you become more and more relaxed.

Step 3 – All Love Mantra

We are now getting to the next step, namely the amplification of the heart chakra energy, by using the following breathing exercise: continue to inhale and while you exhale, say the “All Love” mantra, followed by a short inhalation with your mouth open. Increase the breathing rhythm, as fast as you can, repeating the mantra for 2 to 3 minutes. We then slow down the pace and get back to normal breathing (exhaling and inhaling from the nose), without saying the “All Love” mantra.

Step 4 – Allow yourself to feel …

Stay in the meditation position, focusing on the sensations in your body. Take your pulse, by pressing the wrist with your thumb. Behind your pulse lies the energy of life. Feel it, get into it, go along with it throughout your body. Let it guide you to your most hidden places, places that have not seen the light and hide unexpressed suffering and pain that you wanted to forget or that you may not even be aware of. Stay there. Maybe your body is already indicating you where to go, a pain, a heaviness, a discomfort. Ask yourself since when it has been there, who it reminds you of. You might see images or have the strong feeling that you “know” what event or person that is linked to.  The energy of love supports you to sit face to face with that person or to relive that event which left painful traces in you.

  • If it is a person → imagine that this person in front of you and tell him/her how you feel, with words, not only in your mind. Free yourself! You now have the opportunity to say what you could not say back then. Tell this person everything you have felt. It is time to free your soul of this burden. Manifest the emotion left in you, let it come out. You are completely safe. Then allow the person to answer you. Give him/her permission to use your voice. To tell you what determined him/her to behave that way with you.
  • If it is a situation, an event → relive that event. Feel the emotion you lived back then. You may have felt weakness or anger, or even joy, allow yourself to feel, releasing unexpressed emotions. Allow yourself to free yourself in order to go on without carrying the burden of this suffering. If you feel tired, you can lie down on your back. Take a few deep breaths. You may now relax. Get back to your present pace, here and now! Feel your body and open your eyes.

What to do after finishing All Love Meditation

Right after you finish your All Love meditation, you might feel dizzy. You can do a short grounding exercise, imagining how your roots are coming out of your soles, fixing you well on the ground. Working with emotions requires energy consumption, that’s why I recommend you to drink plenty of fluids and get some rest.

You have worked very well, congratulations!


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