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Learn about All Love, Seichim, Reiki & Family Constellations & more

For all those of you who would like to fully enjoy their lives and plan or already are on their path to personal development and spiritual transformation, Chakana editorial team carefully selects original materials about alternative therapies, energetic healing and spirituality. Here are just few examples of the topics we tackle: All Love, Seichim, Sekhem, family constellations, karmic and organizational constellations, Reiki, chakra healing, Shamanism, homeopathy, crystals, symbolism, customs and traditions from all over the world.

Help Michael A. Heemskerk’s reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube Channel

By |All Love/ SKHM|

Dear friends from around the world, let us unite and help Michael A. Heemskerk, an internationally known spiritual healer, All Love - Sekhem teacher, composer and teacher of various other [...]